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Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage is an Holistic Therapy.
It is rooted in the most ancient healing practices, dating back thousands of years it was discovered that plants have medicinal properties.
Plants such as resins, woods, barks, leaves, flowers, berries, even citrus fruits can be used

Massage is the ancient art of Touch.

The session will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.
Your skin will also feel the benefits of these wonderful essential oils from Neal's Yard Organics.

By having regular Aromatherapy treatments clients have reported to me, that they have less illness. The clients really notice the difference in their energy levels, and they feel more possitive and able to function on a better level.
Aromatherapy also helps to keep the skin moisturised and looking younger.
On your first visit I will take a detailed consultation and from this information, I will pick three or four essential oils to suit your individual needs.

All the essential oils and carrier oils that I use are organic, so there is less chance of a reaction;
Essential oils work in several ways, they induce a feeling of relaxation, plus an improvement in your energy levels. This can be achieved with the correct combination of oils

Aromatherapy works on the immune system helping it to function more efficiently.
The whole process works on the physical, emotional and mental being.
The session lasts one hour and fifteen minutes, after the essential oils are chosen to suit the individual, then you just relax and enjoy

  • Full Aromatherapy massage lasting 75 minutes. 65.00

  • Back Massage lasting 40mins is 45.00.

    It is a good idea to bring an old track suit for after, as not to spoil any good clothes.

    My Body has Rheumatoid Arthritis and during a particularly difficult flare up this year I worked with Christine in her three month programme.
    I was so grateful to Chris for her expertise and care. Through homeopathy, aromatherapy and health advice I felt supported at what was a very challenging time. She listened, guided and shared some great techniques which helped me enormously.
    Thank you Christine Ali Princes Risborough Bucks. .
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