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As a busy parent, how often (if ever) do you take an hour or two out of your busy life to stop and relax?
To be the best that you can be with your family and in your career you need to take time out occasionally to recharge your batteries.
I have recently done exactly that and visited Christine Anderson holistic therapist for an incredibly relaxing aromatherapy massage.
In addition to the soothing massage that eases away the stresses, strains, aches and pains caused by my often stressful life, I benefit from inhaling and absorbing the aromas of the top quality essential oils that are massaged into my skin.
On arrival in her lovely consulting room, Christine asks questions to ascertain whether there are any particular problems that need addressing, prior to selecting the chosen oils to that I need that day.
In our 21st century lives we have forgotten how to listen to our bodies, which are often giving us unconscious messages about what we require.
Just lie back and enjoy on her beautiful couch which is heated, sheer bliss.
S.I.S Marlow..

Dear Christine I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated the reflexology you gave me yesterday.
It was unlike me to be that relaxed.
My back felt so much easier last night- a bit stiff today but on the road to recovery. I really feel you offer a great treatment, so professional and so valuable - I have encouraged my daughter to come for a treatment when she has space in her diary.. Margaret Kincade.

In January I had an accident at work that resulted in a shattered bone in my finger and a damaged nail bed. Christine made a remedy which was passed on to my via my partner who is a regular reflexology client.
The remedy came with clear instruction on how to take them. I followed this and found after a week of strong painkillers and using Christine’s remedy I was able to stop the painkillers and the remedy kept the pain at a manageable level. After two weeks I was able to take off the splint. I was told there was a good chance that the nail will not grow back due to the trauma sustained. On a regular check-up the nurse was so shocked to see the nail was already starting to grow. The injury was healing really well and this I believe has something to do with remedy from Christine (which I have named voodoo-hoodoo lol).
Tina, High Wycombe

I have been seeing Christine regularly for a few years now and can't imagine how I would feel or function without her kindness and her healing therapies and remedies. I am incredibly lucky and don't suffer with ill health but I put that down to seeing Christine regularly and the investment she makes in supporting my health when life is very hectic and 24/7. Christine "puts me back to factory settings" and I leave each treatment totally rested, utterly relaxed and thoroughly restored. Christine and her treatments are exceptionally nurturing and soothe the mind and soul... without them I'm not sure that I would handle life's challenges quite so well.
Christine creates time, space and a complete sense of calm for me, something that I seem to be unable to easily do for myself but I know that I benefit from. Don't underestimate these treatments... they are amazingly effective! If you are considering an appointment just go... you won't be in the least disappointed
Liz, High Wycombe.

I contacted Christine for help with a nasty ankle and leg break. Her homeopathic remedies complemented the essential hospital treatment. She provided me, not only with professionalism and kindness, but also some fabulous remedies which made recovery faster. Thank you Christine.. Best wishes

I was first introduced to Homeopathy over 30 years ago and have had amazing success with treatment for a familial skin condition. By then I had very young children and over the years, occasional trips to Christine have kept them extremely healthy. As a result we have avoided the use of antibiotic's. Some consider us lucky; We are sure that this is life style choice. Christine has kept us all well. She is the most caring person, always there when needed wherever one is in the world and we have had extraordinary results from her treatment. This surely has to be the way forward in a world filled with chemicals and Christine remains a very important and necessary part of our lives...
Gilly High Wycombe..

I have been living with RSD/CRPS (reflex sympathetic dystrophy/chronic regional pain syndrome) for over 17 years now and have, for the most part, had regular chiropractic treatment and massage. When my body began to react to these my chiropractor advised me to try reflexology as it would provide a less aggressive form of treatment. I was apprehensive at first, but eventually contacted Christine who has been treating me for some time now. I still have chiropractic and the last time I saw her she expressed how well I was doing since starting the reflexology. On top of that I have also had massages and facials with Christine, who is only too happy to tailor treatments to suit my needs as an individual. I go home feeling much more relaxed. The reflexology is also helping me cope with my swollen feet and ankles as the treatments keep the swelling to a minimum, which is a bonus. The homeopathy is helpful as well.

If you're holding back from making an appointment I would suggest you hold back no more. Go on, give it a go.
Sharon, Marlow.

Today I had a wonderful Aromatherapy full Body Massage with Christine Anderson.

I wanted to experience relaxation so we began by selecting a number of Essential Oils that I like. I chose Rose, Frankincense and Lavender. Christine blended these with some Almond Oil to produce a beautiful oil, just for me. As I climbed into the bed, I found that it was heated, which was lovely! I then experience 90 minutes of absolutely relaxing full body massage.

I have had many massages, all over the world, but I must say this is one of the best massages ever! Christine used some different massage techniques that I don’t recall experiencing anywhere else, and with my agreement, also included my stomach in the massage, which I don’t think has ever been done before. She had set out the towels, etc in such a way that I always felt my modesty was totally protected, and yet she was easily able to access the relevant body part at the right time.

I never felt rushed during the appointment, in fact Christine had allowed plenty of time for the appointment, including an initial consultation at the beginning, and time at the end to relax, snuggle up in a dressing gown, and have a chat before it was time to go.

Even though an appointment with Christine will involve a nearly 2 hour round trip in my car, I have no hesitation in booking more appointments in the not so distant future, and making my visits at least a monthly slot in my calendar.

If you’re looking for a way to receive the gift of touch and relaxation then I recommend an Aromatherapy Massage with Christine.

M.H, Basingstoke

I have regular reflexology sessions with Christine and wanted to return her kindness with a testimonial, Chris creates the most heavenly nurturing environment, I feel totally loved and cared for during the sessions. The treatment is divine and I leave feeling renewed and totally relaxed, I always sleep deeply afterwards, and it has definitely helped with lower back problems, I highly recommend Chris both for her skill as a reflexologist and for being an all round wonderful human being! Thank you Chris,
Paula, Marlow.

Really helpful and instructive hands on session (literally) for my wife and myself demonstrating the basics of a good back massage. I now feel confident I can provide a massage which is both very beneficial and safe
P.C Amersham

Christine gave me an advanced reflexology treatment yesterday which deeply relaxed me. Today I feel really great, no painful neck, shoulders or hips and I have lots of energy.
I am a practising reflexologist myself and I know I received a beneficial treatment from a skilled and intuitive practitioner. There is on doubt that I will be coming back for more treatments for my own wellbeing and highly recommend her treatments. Patricia Marlow.

I originally came to Christine for reflexology some months ago. The treatment she gave was superb and I left feeling relaxed and peaceful. What was so special about Christine was that in the time I was with her she really listened to what I had to say and because of her homeopathic skills, she was able to recommend remedies that would help my situation. Most practitioners can help and support their clients to some degree but Christine goes so much further than most. She knows her remedies and no matter what we may discuss, there will be a remedy that can help. If you want a homeopath to treat a specific remedy Christine can help but if you want a homeopath who digs deeper and sees and understands issues that others don't then Christine is definitely the person for you. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her.
Sarah - Gerrards Cross

We would both like to recommend Christine. She has eliminated a viral infection that we have endured for weeks and also seriously reduced my high blood pressure condition with her homeopathic remedies.
We would have no hesitation in seeking her professional advice, should we need it in the future. Thank you Christine.
Chris and Wendy Aberdeen.

I have been suffering really bad this year with hay fever. I have tried sprays, pills and prescriptions. Nothing has worked. I visited Christine for my regular advanced reflexology appointments. My feet tell Christine the whole story.
Christine gave me a homeopathic remedy for my construction and wow within a few hours of taking this my symptoms have really started to subside. After a couple of day's there is little trace of the hay fever :)

I have been having reflexology treatments with Christine now for over 2 years having been recommended to her by a good friend. I was going through a very stressful period at the time with sciatica in my left leg and from my very first session, I was hooked.

From the moment you enter the treatment room you feel totally cared for. Each session is focused on my needs and I can only describe my time with Christine as total bliss.

She not only delivers amazing reflexology but she also is full of great advice and provides a true listening ear.
Christine is inspirational and intuitive and has amazing healing hands. I wouldn't miss my appointments for the world. I really cannot speak highly enough of Christine; she is not only a fabulous reflexologist but a wonderful person.

Frances, Hazlemere

Thank you Christine for helping my 12 year old daughter address her allergy to cat's and dust mites. we started seeing improvements over the first few weeks since starting the homeopathic treatment, and over the following year the situation has improved dramatically. Life is so much easier for us all now!
A.F Beaconsfield.

Homeopathy with Chris cured depression and boosted my emotional and physical strength, despite anaemia. I gained confidence in myself and a clear vision of who people are and where I am at. It balanced my hormones, boosted my immunity, cured brain burnout, chronic tiredness and migraines. The remedies cure, but sometimes they also cure by helping you clear your life of what isn't working for you. It solves your life from within - by getting the sick you out of the way! Chris always has great insights into solving the insoluable, whilst being down-to-earth and positive.
J.H. High Wycombe.

Just like to say a big thank you to Christine after suffering for 18 months with a viral cough and a few other related ailments, I decided to try homoeopathy with Christine. Four visits later my cough has finally disappeared. I felt very comfortable with Christine as she is very easy to talk to, a very caring homeopath, thank you once again.
JC Buckinghamshire.

I have been a client of Christine's and enjoy the most wonderful facials and other treatments since 1992. Her approach is always friendly and professional. Her treatment room is a very comforting space where you can't help but relax and feel pampered. I am pleased to say I have recommended many satisfied new clients to her and will continue to do so.
Mrs A McArthur, Reading.

My body has rheumatoid arthritis and during a particularly difficult flare up this year I worked with Christine in her three month programme. I was so grateful to Chris for her expertise and care. Through homeopathy, aromatherapy, and her health coaching I felt supported at what was a very challenging time. She listened, guided and shared some great techniques which helped me enormously. Thank you Chris.
Ali Soleil, Devon.

I suffer from pompholyx, which is a form of eczema. I've been trying different creams prescribed by the doctor without any luck. On one of my regular visits to Chris, she used the Neals Yard Organics bee lovely cream. I also suffer with eczema on my legs, and I noticed how soothing the cream felt. I spoke to Chris about the cream and explained I was given steroid cream to try. I have now replaced the steroid cream with be lovely, my skin is so much healthier. Thanks Chris Tina Bird.

I started using Chris just over 2 years ago for my daughter Natasha who is now 12 years old. She has been suffering with a skin rash since she was 2 years old. It is to do with her liver. Chris has been treating it and finally we have had very good results.
Chris has cured all our family over the years. She has helped me with various problems and anxiety. We have used her remedies for all of us. Even my husband and other daughter have been treated by Chris. We now have a remedy for all of our colds and other problems or pain that occurs in our family. Chris is a very kind and friendly person. She is always on hand to help and nothing is too much trouble for her to sort us all out.She is a pleasure to work with. Chris also makes her own creams for the skin which have proved to be very good for all of us. I don't know what we would do without her to help us all out. Thank you Chris.
S.Goodman. Middx.

I was very lucky to find Christine at a time in my life when I needed to achieve a possitive balance for my body and mind. I had (PCOS) polycystic ovarian syndrome for eight years, part of the condition is you have irregular menstrual cycles/mood swings etc.
The benefits I got from reflexology are endless. It helped me manage my stress levels I also felt a lot more relaxed and I started sleeping better. My monthly cycle came back to every 28/29 days instead of every 34-36 day's. When I needed to have fertility treatment I used reflexology and although the treatment failed the first time, Christine helped me to stay focused and relaxed for my next round which was successful. I truly believe that reflexology works, not only for helping with different conditions but for relaxation. If you haven't already tried it, please do you'll never look back.
Yvonne Coia (33 years old, Egham Surrey)

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