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Tips for Spring 2018

One of the questions I most often get asked as a holistic practitioner at this time of the year from my patients can be ” Is being out in the sun even in winter good for me as I hear about the risks”

And my answer to this very important question is YES! And in moderation.

Here are some of my tips for you:

• Avoid the direct sunshine between 11am – 3pm (especially the midday sun). When you do go out ensure that you have a good organic sun screen with a high factor to protect your delicate skin. Sun blocks are especially important for the young and not so young! Personally, I used Neal’s Yard products which I can order for you, if you want to feel fully protected.

• Take a bottle of water with you when you go out – your body requires so much more in the heat. Up to 12 glasses of water each day will keep you hydrated and sparkling! This water will feed your skin, your eyes, your digestive system and it keeps your weight down!

• Sunshine gives your body Vitamin D, which is essential for strong bones, healthy teeth, hair and your immune system. Being in the sunshine lifts your spirits and increases your feel-good mood!

So enjoy the sunshine, it does you so much good!

Find out about my 3 month VIP package where I can support you to regain your health, increase your feel-good mood no matter whatever the weather is doing! Apply for one of my complimentary Discovery Sessions where we can explore how I can support you from my High Wycombe based clinic.

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Facials are an important part of keeping our skin in the very best of health.

It’s easy to forget about looking after it with everything that we have to do each and every day!

Taking care of your face will have a knock on effect;

Facial's help to make you look good so you feel good!

All my facials are customised to your individual needs.

There will be a screening to see which of the Organic Neal’s yard products suit your specific requirements.

Anti aging: Frankincense to rejuvenate and deeply nourish your skin.

Damask Rose to rehydrate, soften, and enhance your natural radiance.

Orange Flower: also known as neroli, leaving the skin feeling rehydrated soft and supple, it’s elasticity-boosting and nourishing.

These are just a few of my lovely choices I am honoured to work with.

Just one of my many facial choices of oils is Organic Argon Oil because it works to intensely moisturise tired skin, it’s easily absorbed and does not clog the skin. It is excellent for eczema, psoriasis and because of this it can even reduce scarring. It soothes inflammation, so encourages cell regeneration.

Express facial lasting 60 Minutes for the person who is on the move.

Cleanse Tone Exfoliate plus 15 minutes of massage to the face/neck/shoulder.

Finish with moisturiser for day or evening. 50.00

Renaissance Facial 90 Minutes

This wonderful facial starts with a 30 minute back massage.
Face is then cleansed toned exfoliated, then you are ready for the best part

A 20 minute massage on face neck shoulder’s.
Now the mask is applied then more lovely massage lasting 30 minutes on legs and arms.

This whole treatment lasts 90 minutes 75.00

Are you feeling Exhausted, Fatigued and Needing Help?

If this sounds of value to you, I offer a complementary 40 minute Skype or phone call where we can discuss how it would be of benefit to you!

Drop me an email at

or call on 01494 439 232

I look forward to hearing from you!

Christine x

The Benefits Of Advanced Reflexology ~ Summer 2017

From the age of 8 years old, I suffered with panic attacks. Which for anybody who has experienced this, will know it’s a very unpleasant experience.

I never understood what was happening to me.

By the age of 28 I had a friend who told me about reflexology. I had never heard of it and was a little sceptical, but thought I had nothing to lose!

So I went to see this lovely lady who was really understanding. She took a record of my history, then began this really lovely treatment. It lasted about an hour.

From that day onwards I began to understand what was happening to me and it was a powerful revelation.

When I was 7 years old, I sadly lost my Dad. My Mum could not look after me as she had to get a job to keep my brother, sister and me. And so I was sent to Ireland to stay with family.

These traumatic events were difficult to process as a young child, and this lead to experiencing panic attacks.

Through the sessions of reflexology and being able understand what had happened, I now know how to control them.

And this was a turning point in my life and from that moment, I’ve not looked back. I felt drawn to help others and as soon as I could, I started to study to be an Holistic Therapist.

Now I have the tools to help others in a similar situation.

If you are experiencing panic attacks or any form of stress, then message me for an informal chat where we can discuss and I can discover how I can support you. Because you know that, this could be your turning point now.

So just message me now to set up a call or if you’ve any questions or worries.

Aromatherapy Message - Good For Your Health & It Feels Great!

When was the last time you not only did something that made you feel like you’d gone to heaven plus was truly good for you?

Do you have a special fragrance that you like to use? We pick smells that our body/mind can benefit from and these fragrances can uplift the very core of our being. Fragrances are so important in our everyday life, did you also know that they can also help to de-stress us?

Aromatherapy alleviates 100% of stress which is good news as stress causes 75% of all disease. Aromatherapy also helps to build up your immune system to work more efficiently – which means it’s so relaxing.

I’ve been an Aromatherapist for 29 years and my clients tell me they feel calmer, more relaxed and enjoy more energy. Typically my clients visit my practice each month, whilst aromatherapy works physically, emotionally and mentally the benefits are further reaching too.

You may be wondering what happens during an aromatherapy session? We will talk about what fragrances you are attracted to, and then we go through my magic box of amazing organic oils. The oils increase circulation, speed up the lymphatic system, which in turn can help in a weight loss program. We will select three to go into your individual combination. I also have three carrier oils: almond, grape seed and jojoba, you can have one or a blend of all three and as long as you are not allergic to nuts, we will make a fabulous blend...

And then your individual 75 minutes of sheer bliss begins, get ready to lose all your worries and cares. The massage movements are long and slow, I also use reflexology points to help enhance the session. This is where you just relax and enjoy the aromatherapy session!

So when are you ready for something that feels great and does you good? Why not Book your aromatherapy session with me, Christine Anderson by calling me on 01494 439232 or email me
Christine Anderson xx

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